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Automated Spot Shipping

PostBidShip lets you coordinate your spot shipments hassle-free.

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How Does PostBidShip Work?

A freight auction platform designed to give you ease-of-mind when transporting goods.


Access PostBidShip through our stand-alone web portal and begin posting shipments within days thanks to our streamlined setup procedure. For those who rely on a TMS, WMS, ERP or other enterprise software to manage their freight transportation, access PostBidShip through our API integration and begin posting shipments within a few weeks.


Qualified and vetted carriers are invited to bid on your shipments and can be filtered to your liking. You determine how long your auction remains open. This transparency creates competition among carriers giving you the true market rate and the convenience of shipping on your schedule! You can choose to automatically award your shipment to the lowest bidder OR if you wish, you can manually review bidders.


When a successful carrier has been awarded your shipment, PostBidShip notifies the carrier of the award with all the shipping details required to pick up the load at its pickup location. PostBidShip’s seamless integration with your TMS also allows for the TMS to be updated to allow for complete life-cycle load management.

About us

Take the Stress Out of Shipping

A freight auction platform made easy.

PostBidShip makes your shipping needs easy and efficient! Our user-friendly platform connects your shipping needs to qualified carriers who will submit real-time bids on your shipments. You get the best price and hassle-free coordination of your spot shipments.

We offer flexible delivery via a stand-alone web portal or API integration to your transportation management system (TMS) or other enterprise software used to manage your freight. 


Our Platform Has Been Featured In

As one of the leading transportation management systems in the market, our platform has been highlighted in multiple outlets. 


Why work with us

Our Value Proposition

What are the benifits of using PostBisShip’s freight auction platform?

Save Money

Reduce your transportation cost by over 5%.

Save Time

Reduce low-level touches by over 30 minutes per load.

Save Labor

Eliminate manual communication with carriers.

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PostBidShip is the spot freight solution for your TMS application

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