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Freight Matching, Optimized

Post spot shipments quickly and easily

Trusted carriers Bid on matching loads

Automatically award and Ship your freight

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What is PostBidShip?

A software platform designed to optimize the process of matching spot freight shipments to trusted carriers

For Shippers

Quickly share your spot shipments to a private network of trusted carriers.  A transparent bidding process and real time market intelligence ensure you get the market rate every time.

Automatically award the load or manually review to pick your perfect carrier.

No phone calls, no emails. Your load contracted in minutes with zero added brokerage fees.

For Carriers

Reduce empty miles and unused capacity.

Set your location, trailer and mode preferences and matching loads get pushed right to your inbox as often as you like.

Bid on matching shipments and enjoy automatic awards when you meet the shippers pre-approved rate.

All at no cost to you.

For Software Partners

PostBidShip can easily be integrated with your platform to offer a spot freight fulfillment solution for your existing customers.

Whether you are a logistics software that wants to offer spot freight matching functionality or a trading platform that needs to move orders from seller to buyer we can help.

Why work with us

Our Value Proposition


What are the benefits of using PostBidShip’s freight auction platform?

Save Money

Reduce your transportation cost by over 5%.

Save Time

Reduce low-level touches by over 30 minutes per load.

Save Labor

Eliminate manual communication with carriers.


Our Platform Has Been Featured In

As one of the leading freight matching solutions in the market, our platform has been highlighted in multiple outlets. 


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PostBidShip is ready to help you improve your spot freight efficiency

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