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Case Studies

Case Studies

The PostBidShip platform supports customers in diverse industries to realize both lower freight spend and substantial labor capital savings using automation in their freight processing. 

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Save Money

Reduce your freight
rates by over 10%

Post Loads Faster

Bulk upload your shipments via spreadsheet or API integration

Stop Endless Calls

Automate communication
with your trusted carriers

PostBidShip for Shippers

Real-Time Market Intelligence

PostBidShip has partnered with FreightWaves to provide real-time predictive market intelligence directly in our platform. Rather than looking into the past to define market conditions, PostBidShip looks to the future using market data, machine learning and big data to forecast freight rates for today, next week, or next month! 

The feature provides shippers of all sizes access to forecasted freight pricing for over 750,000 US lanes, expanding PostBidShip’s market intelligence and freight rate accuracy.  At a practical level, shippers can now quickly and seamlessly optimize fair pricing of freight loads and responsive bids with their TL and LTL over-the-road (OTR) private carrier network collaborations, all within the PostBidShip platform


Access PostBidShip through our web based customer portal and begin posting shipments within minutes thanks to our streamlined setup procedure. Shipments can be posted manually in as little as 30 seconds using our wizard or bulk uploaded from a spreadsheet. You can set a preferred price using our I’ll Take It feature.

For those who rely on a TMS, WMS, ERP or other enterprise software to manage their freight transportation, access PostBidShip through our API integration within a few days.


Bring your existing carriers to our platform so they can bid on your loads in one convenient location. Invite your carriers to bid on each shipment you post. You choose an auction time length and max price you’re willing to pay and can leverage our real-time market intelligence to set an informed price. This transparency creates competition among carriers giving you the true market rate and the convenience of shipping on your schedule!


You have the option to automatically award your shipment to the lowest bidder or to the first carrier to bid at a price you set. Alternatively you can manually review all bids and select the carrier you prefer. When a successful carrier has been awarded your shipment, PostBidShip notifies the carrier of the award with all of the details required to pick up the load at its pickup location. PostBidShip’s seamless integration with your TMS also allows for the TMS to be updated to allow for complete life-cycle load management.

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