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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

PostBidShip is a collaboration marketplace platform that shippers, carriers, brokers and 3PLs use to move freight. PostBidShip replaces outdated manual processes with quick, cost-effective, secure, and efficient collaboration. We wrap company, pricing, and market intelligence information around every load handle, increasing the speed, quality, reliability and actionability of your shipping information.

No. PostBidShip is not a freight broker. We are a neutral party in this industry. Our main goal is to make shippers' and transportation providers' lives easier by connecting them through a digital freight matching marketplace for more efficient and simplified covering of freight loads.  Becoming a broker would mean we would not only be directly competing with carriers and brokers on the platform but also keeping our interests aligned with those of the shippers and capacity providers using the PostBidShip platform.

As a shipper, you benefit from using PostBidShip by saving money on transportation spend. You also benefit in saving time by automating load coverage processes that may currently be manual or labor-intensive such as emails, phone calls and spreadsheets. You also benefit by access to a much larger pool of vetted transportation providers to extend your network of trusted carrier partners.  For more information, visit the Shippers Page

We have also compiled a white paper "Why Shippers Need a Digital Freight Matching Platform" which goes into detail on how PostBidShip helps you as a shipper.

PostBidShip helps you locate loads to help with greater asset capacity utilization.   You also benefit by using a more efficient and labor-saving process to secure those loads. For more information, go to the Carriers Page.

We have also compiled a white paper "Why Carriers Need a Digital Freight Matching Platform" which goes into detail on how PostBidShip helps you as a carrier or broker.

Choose the right plan for your business. Pay only for what you use with transaction pricing or lock in consistent fixed pricing with subscription tiers. You can start posting loads today using transaction pricing and change to subscription when and if it makes sense. See more details on PostBidShip Pricing.

PostBidShip offers complimentary accounts to transportation companies looking to review and quote loads with shippers. You only pay a small fee if your quote is accepted by the shipper and you take the load. In some instances, shippers may offer PostBidShip at no cost to their trusted carrier partners. See more details on PostBidShip Pricing.

To get started as a shipper, go to the Shipper Sign-Up Page. To get started as a carrier, go to the Carrier Sign-Up Page.

To process load as shipper, you create a load in PostBidShip either by using the browser screens, by batch importing loads or through an automated, real-time feed from your systems. Loads include pickup and delivery locations, weight, desired equipment type and some packaging details. The load is then shared with either your trusted carrier network, carriers outside your network or some combination. Transportation providers submit quotes and you award the load to the desired carrier.

After a shipper posts a load, depending upon the load being within the shipper’s trusted network or to the “public” PostBidShip marketplace, you receive an email from PostBidShip inviting you to review the load details and quote it.

Yes. PostBidShip can integrate with shippers’ and carriers’ internal systems to make the load processes seamless and fast.  To learn more about integrating with PostBidShip, visit the Integration Page.

Yes! Please learn more about partnering with PostBidShip but going to the Partner Page.

PostBidShip does not currently handle freight payments. PostBidShip serves as a technology platform that connects shippers and transportation providers. Payment arrangements are worked out directly between the two parties with no middleman involved.

PostBidShip is ideally suited for business-to-business (B2B) freight shippers, typically manufacturers or distributors with freight requiring truck capacity. PostBidShip does not currently consumers looking to ship personal freight.

Yes. While most shipments posted to PostBidShip are full truckload, PostBidShip enables shippers to post both less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload shipments.

No. Shippers may choose any quote they wish, or no bid at all. We find that shippers award the lowest bid 80% of the time, with the balance being to other quotes.  To learn more about observed best practices on quoting, please read the blog on Optimizing Your Digital Freight Matching Platform.

PostBidShip can support the tendering process and can also integrate with shippers’ existing systems that tender the shipment.

Yes, accounts are managed at a company level. So you can add more members from your team to participate on PostBidShip. You can also setup groups of team members that can be used to manage loads and for quoting amongst subsets of your team members.

PostBidShip wants your experience to be as successful and rewarding as possible to your freight business. To facilitate this, we offer training videos you can watch at your convenience to learn how to use PostBidShip.  Visit the Help Center video page for more information.

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