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Market Intelligence

Real Time Market Intelligence

PostBidShip’s market intelligence capability is powered by FreightWaves Sonar; a leading provider of real-time freight transportation data. PostBidShip is the first platform ever to integrate the SONAR real-time market intelligence. This gives shippers access current marketing pricing data and helps them make informed decisions as they review carrier bids. The platform also alerts shippers to price volatility in their specific lanes.

Load Demand

​Load Demand measures the forecasted demand a load will have from carriers in the originating market. Range goes from low, to fair, to neutral, to moderate and to high. Shippers want high demand (greater price competition) whereas carriers prefer low demand (less price competition).

Lane Volatility

Lane Volatility measures the ‘amplitude’ of up or down changes in the underlying indices for an originating market. Changes that fall within one (1) standard deviation of ‘normal’ as categorized as ‘unchanged’ (66% of data). Changes that are outside that range but still not excessive are categorized as ‘loose’ (between 66-95% of data). The most volatile changes, ones in the top 5% of volatility are categorized as ‘tight’ (high).

Rates (Region & Hist TBD)

Rates shows rate information for the associated originating and destinating lane (i.e. Los Angeles to Dallas). Rates shown are the per-mile rate as well as the total rate based on per-mile and distance. Rate groups include the latest available Spot Rate, any Contract Rate, a Regional Rate (where available) and the Historical Rate (to be supplied based on historical load data).

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