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Become a Channel Partner

PostBidShip Channel Partner Program designed to help partners across the country grow their business and better serve the needs of their customers with PostBidShip’s freight matching platform.

We foster a level of commitment beyond sales partnership by providing unparalleled access to PostBidShip Industry Analysis, which helps to drive your go to market strategy. We see our partners as more than a sales multiplier; you represent us daily in the field and together we work to foster customer retention through innovation and service excellence.


PostBidShip will support your business through executive leadership support, inside channel development teams, and access to channel account managers and marketing managers that can assist you in your overall selling strategy, lead generation and technical support.

We pride ourselves on integrity and strong client relationships and hope that you will find a partnership with PostBidShip to be worthwhile. Our generous compensation program will provide you unlimited growth opportunity and upside.

  • Partnering with PostBidShip provides new revenue opportunities
  • PostBidShip delivers efficiencies for you and your customers
  • Extend your marketing and sales reach
  • Enhance your ability to go to market
  • Gain a Competitive advantage over your competition

Generate More Revenue

Tap into New Recurring Revenue Oppurtunity

Grow Your Offering

Enhance Your Ability To Go To Market

Get Rewarded

Get Brand and Revenue Recognition

Partner Opportunities

Logistics Service Providers

PostBidShip is a technology add-on to existing go to market infrastructure for logistics service providers, delivering best-in-breed neutral digital freight matching technology.

Platform and Technology Providers (ERP, TMS, Marketplaces and More)

PostBidShip makes it easy to access our neutral digital freight matching (DFM) platform from within your preferred Transportation Management System (TMS) provider, ERP provider, or any other technology provider, including your own custom solution. Are you a technology provider interested in accessing our API to expand your network? PostBidShip supports direct integrations to extend the benefits of the PostBidShip API to shippers and carriers. We work with you to give your shippers and carriers instant access to our neutral digital freight matching technology, real-time pricing and a network of carriers and brokers.

Consultants and Systems Integrators

PostBidShip can integrate with all major technology platforms (TMS, ERP, other). Learn about our solutions for shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and technology platforms and how they can provide your customers with a competitive edge.

Direct API Access

PostBidShip offers developer resources for shippers and transportation providers to integrate PostBidShip APIs to its best-in-breed neutral digital freight matching platform into their TMS and other solutions, giving them more options to manage their freight. Get PostBidShip API documentation, sample code, and developer tools for easy integration.

Channel Partner Referral Program



  1. You make a personal introduction
  2. We connect with your referral
  3. We keep you posted as the new relationship evolves
  4. When your referral signs with PostBidShip, we pay the referral fee to you
Become a partner to begin submitting your referrals and generating additional revenue.

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PostBidShip is ready to partner with you for mutual success

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