Release 2.0 Opens Platform for Dynamic, Real-Time
Digital Freight Market Collaboration with Shippers’ Private Carrier Networks

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 26, 2020PostBidShip, a digital freight matching technology company, today announced as part of its platform Release 2.0, its extension of application programming interface (API) capabilities for shippers of all sizes to collaborate with their OTR (over-the-road) private carrier networks.  PostBidShip now has the most complete means for shippers of all sizes to collaborate with their OTR (over-the-road) private carrier networks for spot freight shipping.

With PostBidShip’s release 2.0 of its award-winning Digital Freight Matching Platform, best-in-class digital freight matching technology is now accessible to all key parties.  Shippers, carriers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), logistics service providers (LSP), managed transportation providers (MTP), transportation management solution (TMS) providers and other logistics companies and technology providers can now access real-time digital freight matching collaboration through PostBidShip’s suite of APIs and associated developer tools.  Shippers can streamline the process for them to quickly find capacity and affordably and efficiently award loads.  Carriers can integrate more seamlessly with their shippers dynamic provisioning of freight.  With PostBidShip’s APIs, shippers and carriers will not only find new ways to remove friction in and extend existing transportation programs but also configure new ways to better collaborate for mutual benefit.

The integrations empower shippers, 3PLs, LSPs, MTPs and other stakeholders to get real-time pricing in a unified manner from their private carrier networks directly into their TMS and other transportation systems used today.  It adds a dynamic component of capacity within routing guides for greater flexibility and cost-control and access to PostBidShip’s market intelligence.

“APIs have become the preferred approach to cross-company and cross-platform collaboration because they quickly establish connections that lead to more robust and rapid information sharing in real-time”, said Michael Murphy, Chief Technology Officer of PostBidShip. “APIs are particularly well-suited to freight market collaboration.  Using a neutral platform such as PostBidShip supports uniform communications in real-time with many ‘loosely connected’ carriers that comprise shippers’ private carrier networks and embed it within the shippers’ internal systems.”

PostBidShip’s APIs permit all parties to streamline their logistics processes with plug-in capabilities for secure, scalable and efficient real-time collaboration with shippers’ private carrier networks. Included are a bundled developer portal, developer tools and a set of developer documentation.  PostBidShip is providing these tools, APIs, resources and support to help shippers and carriers directly as well as their technology platform providers.

Two of the more valuable processes that can be used for increased automation and are made available in the suite of PostBidShip APIs:

  • Load Matching, Quoting and Provisioning API. Ability for shippers to release loads from their internal systems workflows (i.e. TMS, WMS, ERP) to the PostBidShip platform and use the freight matching technology to secure carrier quotes, award loads and receive acceptances of awarded loads.
  • Load Bidding and Acceptance API. Ability for carriers, brokers, 3PLs, LSPs and MTPs to receive and access shippers’ loads from their internal systems’ workflows via the API, quote the loads and accept awarded loads.

Upon embedding these APIs within companies’ workflows, there is no need for shippers and transportation providers to log into the PostBidShip platform.

With this recent release of its API, PostBidShip continues to be at the forefront of transforming legacy freight matching processes with more efficient, quicker, digital connections.  “Our use of API technology throughout the digital freight matching platform is another example of PostBidShip driving evolution in these transportation processes with innovative approaches that more effectively match shippers and their carrier networks for mutual benefit.”, said Sam Levin, CEO of PostBidShip.  “APIs that are easy to integrate into our shippers’ and carriers’ workflows simplify and accelerate both parties’ business processes around transportation.”

PostBidShip’s unique position as a neutral digital freight matching platform (not a carrier, broker, LSP or MTP) keeps the focus exclusively on enabling shippers and their private carrier networks to interact more efficiently for mutual benefit. 

About PostBidShip

PostBidShip is a neutral digital freight platform that replaces outdated workflows with quick, cost-effective and efficient matching of loads to transportation capacity in real-time, using near-time data analytics, market indices modelling and real-time digital collaboration, benefiting both parties through an optimal mix of cost, performance, convenience and asset utilization. For more information, visit


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