The COVID-19 coronavirus’s rapid spread has created an unprecedented global challenge. It has thrown all of us into unchartered territory, both personally and professionally. We are facing issues impacting ourselves, our families, our communities, our customers and our businesses.  This is leading to growing personal and business strains.  One area on the front lines of this fight are the people and essential businesses that use the vital logistics networks that connect people, customers and employees to keep them both safe and meet their essential needs.

At PostBidShip, we’re grateful to the men and women across the country that are dedicated to running Essential Businesses.  As fellow logistics professionals, we know you are working tirelessly to ensure the timely arrival of product to businesses essential to keep our great country running.  We also have the tools to help reduce this strain on shippers and we want to help.  PostBidShip is offering assistance to US-BASED ESSENTIAL SHIPPERS: Access our award-winning digital freight matching platform for FREE … at zero cost to you … for the next 60 days, no strings attached.  We are also including our rapid startup effort (including a short online 15-minute training session) that will have you running within a day of your pre-scheduled activation date.

Having force multipliers to get more done with less is now vital to our logistics businesses and to the country.  PostBidShip’s digital freight matching platform is built expressly for this purpose.  It helps shippers shipping truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight to efficiently automate the process of bidding out, pricing and awarding shipments to their network of trusted carriers as well as to new carriers. Our unique partnership with FreightWaves SONAR™ a leading freight market data and forecasting solution, overlays integrated real-time freight market insights and forecasted pricing for every US market. This combination is invaluable at this time of business disruption, labor constraints and freight market volatility.  No Phone Calls. No Negotiations. Just save time and money at a fraction of the effort with our technology.  Work from home or on the go with both our 100% cloud platform and our mobile apps.

Let us help you in this unprecedented time.  Check out our website (, give us a call or drop us an email to learn more. And again, it is yours to use at no cost for 60 days as long as your business is deemed an essential business.  Thank you for all your hard work, stay safe and we hope to hear from you soon! I am personally available to you should you need anything.

Stay Healthy,

Sam Levin
Chief Executive Officer
PostBidShip, Inc.

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