Secures Shipper and Carrier Relationships in Freight Market Collaboration

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 6, 2020PostBidShip, a digital freight technology company, today announced as part of its Release 2.0, the introduction of TIP2™ – Trusted Identity Partner Protection throughout its digital freight matching platform.  The platform enables shippers of all sizes to collaborate with their OTR (over-the-road) private carrier networks.

Using PostBidShip’s proprietary identity validation technology and processes, TIP2™ verifies transportation providers’ FMCSA authority, protects MC and DOT authority usage on the platform and safeguards the trusted relationships between shippers and their private carrier networks. Result: trusted collaboration!

“From the ground up, we have established our platform to secure the relationships between parties … whether that is shippers and their private carrier networks, brokers and their agents, or employees within a participating shipper, carrier, broker and agent organization.”, said Sam Levin, CEO of PostBidShip.  “The foundation of the collaboration throughout the PostBidShip Digital Freight Matching Platform is built upon these secure relationships.”

Verifying FMCSA Authority

Safe validation and use of transportation providers’ FMCSA information underlies all activity on PostBidShip.  As part of the account activation process, carriers’ FMCSA authority is checked and, when necessary, PostBidShip directly engages to confirm information. TIP2™ is used to verify authority against industry data sources to ensure they accurately match the requesting company.  They are also checked as part of the regular carrier compliance monitoring process.  If any question arises, PostBidShip will directly contact transportation providers to confirm.

Secure Processing That Is Agent Friendly

The need to provide separation but integrated relationships between a transportation provider and its approved agents is reinforced with TIP2™.  Account activations with authority shared to agents are validated by the primary organization.  Loads and bidding are also segmented accordingly while providing the necessary and proper access by agents.

Adding Team Members to the Company’s PostBidShip Presence

Whether the team member is going to post loads, bid on loads, handle dispatch, manage the account or some other function, PostBidShip’s TIP2™ securely manages adding team members to your account.  No team member can join the platform and shippers’ private carrier network without the integrated real-time approvals.  Roles and permissions can be assigned during such approval process.  TIP2™ ensures this process is quick and reliably secures your company’s presence on the PostBidShip platform.

Controlled Data Access Based on Shipper’s Private Carrier Networks

TIP2™ also underpins the controlled data access for shippers’ private carrier networks as well for carriers and brokers that are collaborating across numerous of their customers’ private carrier networks.

Simplifying Access with Unified User Logins

Company users on the PostBidShip Digital Freight Matching Platform benefit from unified accounts, permitting interactions across ALL private carrier networks with a single login. TIP2™ also extends to support Single Sign-On (SSO) for platform companies requiring this level of access integration.  Once you sign in, you can collaborate with all your shippers or with all your private carrier network partners.

About PostBidShip

PostBidShip is a neutral digital freight platform that replaces outdated workflows with quick, cost-effective and efficient matching of loads to transportation capacity in real-time, using near-time data analytics, market indices modelling and real-time digital collaboration, benefiting both parties through an optimal mix of cost, performance, convenience and asset utilization. For more information, visit


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