Shippers and Transportation Companies Achieve Greater Efficiencies in Digital Freight Matching Process

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 19, 2020PostBidShip, a digital freight technology company, today announced the release of team collaboration functionality within its award-winning digital freight matching platform.

PostBidShip teams collaboration builds upon and extends the existing user access, roles and permissions within the platform. It is specifically intended to strengthen collaboration amongst groups of users within shipper organizations and within transportation provider organizations. Teams can be easily configured using whatever organizing structures are used by a company … facilities, geographies, business units, customers … whatever works for an organization.

Each team can have one or more managers that oversees membership. For transportation providers, teams also include one or more shippers serviced by that group of users. PostBidShip teams greatly simplifies the collaboration that accompanies the PostBidShip digital freight matching process by its filtering of load communications, matching, quoting a data views within and across appropriate teams and their membership. Team members see what they need to see to support their teams and are not distracted by other non-relevant load activity within PostBidShip. With PostBidShip teams, any potential confusion around loads is removed by directing information only to the team or teams that should be engaged on them. The outcome is stronger collaboration both between shippers and their private carrier networks and across shipper and carrier organizations’ internal teams.

“PostBidShip teams was a direct response to feedback from both shippers and carriers to extend their user experiences around the concept of team-based collaboration”, said Michael Murphy, Chief Technology Officer of PostBidShip. “While this functionality benefits large transportation providers and shippers by simplifying work around groups such as business units and geographies and accounts, many small and medium-sized organizations will find major benefits with the simplified data views of loads and streamlined communications found within PostBidShip teams.”

About PostBidShip

PostBidShip is a neutral digital freight platform that replaces outdated workflows with quick, cost-effective and efficient matching of loads to transportation capacity in real-time, using near-time data analytics, market indices modelling and real-time digital collaboration, benefiting both parties through an optimal mix of cost, performance, convenience and asset utilization. For more information, visit


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