What are the benefits of PostBidShip

Achieve Cost Savings

PostBidShip uses a transparent, reverse auction where every subsequent bidder can see the lowest bid, resulting in market forces driving the price down. Human capital reduction will be seen through elimination of manual processes and seamless integration with leading TMS platforms.

Real-Time Market Trend Analysis

Gain access to data from hundreds of disparate sources including key economic, fundamental, proprietary, transactional and price data-sets. The data presented is near-time allowing you to make decisions based on real-time data. Operating margins and lower transport costs through better responsiveness to changing rate environments.

Premier and Private Carrier Network

PostBidShip uses a comprehensive review process to ensure our carriers meet the highest standard for safety, operating authorities, insurance coverage, our customer rating system and other factors that reflect a commitment to quality. You can also leverage your carrier network in a private auction.

Dynamic Solution

East to use, quick to implement, and configurable to meet the needs of both shipper and carrier. With seamless integration with your TMS applications, we can automate your interaction with the spot market.

Real-Time Spot Freight Auctions

Being able to react in real-time to carrier bids, market trends, and the demands of your transportation operations in a single application make your work easy.

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